Police Department

Police Cars in front of Gonzalez memorial

The Franklin Township Police Department is responsible for the safety of our 56-square mile township. In addition, and thanks to a shared services agreement, Franklin Township police also patrol the neighboring boroughs of Buena and Newfield.

Community Policing

Franklin Township keeps our community safe by using a philosophy and management style that partners with community members to address crime and its causes, and to support other community interests. It is not a quick fix solution; however, it is a deep and long-term commitment to the overall health and safety of the community.

Through time and patience, we are building and strengthening lasting relationships between the police department and business owners, school officials, civic groups, social agencies, and residents in order to enhance performance, maximize resources, and prevent crime. Working together, we identify problems, decide on the most promising solutions, and then monitor the solutions to ensure that they’re working.

Detective Bureau

The Franklin Township Police Department’s highly experienced detectives utilize both traditional and modern technologies in gathering evidence in order to get offenders off the streets and ensure a successful prosecution. The team works closely with other municipal, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies whenever needed.

Important Documents