Applicants must meet income and property eligibility requirements. You must have owned your home a minimum of three (3) years and must maintain the unit as your principal residence throughout the remainder of the affordability period in accordance with the terms of the Loan Agreement, Mortgage and Note. This program is a loan program. It is a zero percent interest deferred payment loan which means there are no monthly payments; however, a mortgage will be placed on the property in the amount of the construction cost to rehabilitate your home. No individual loan may exceed $25,000. The lien will remain in force until repayment for which conditions and terms are further explained in the application and policy manual. The application can be downloaded at the bottom of the web page. Eligibility is strictly based on income, family size, and type of improvement.
Please note that this is not a remodeling program but a mechanism to provide eligible homeowners with the means to alleviate code deficiencies and provide weatherization.

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