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Emergency: 911
Phone: (856) 694-1415
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Community Policing

Community policing is a philosophy and management style that uses partnerships with community members to address crime, the causes of crime, and other community interests. Through the combined efforts and resources of the police, local government, and community members a reduction in crime and the fear of crime can be accomplished.

Community policing is not a quick fix solution. It is a long-term commitment to communities. Time and patience can be key in building lasting relationships between the police department and community groups.

Getting Back to the Community

Problem solving helps identify concerns important to community members. Community members can help by voicing concerns they feel are most threatening to their well being and safety. Law enforcement recognizes the need for a cooperative effort with the community members they serve. Officers build relationships with business owners, school officials, civic groups, social agencies, and other community groups in order to enhance performance and maximize resources. Officers identify problems, examine problems, decide on solutions, and then monitor solutions to see if the solutions are working. Officers can then adjust solutions when needed.

Establishing and maintaining a mutual trust helps build much needed partnerships in communities. Through these partnerships, the police can better serve the community by preventing crime.

Detective Bureau

The Franklin Township Police Department’s detective bureau provide an important element in investigating crimes. The detectives assigned to the bureau investigate all major crimes. These may include homicides, assaults, drug investigations, arsons, or any other serious crime where their expertise could be helpful.

The detectives use modern and traditional techniques in gathering evidence in order to arrest and convict offenders. The unit works with other municipal, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies when needed.

All evidence from crime scenes are sorted, logged, and tracked by the detective bureau to ensure proper custody.
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